Voice of the White House

July 3, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “Independence Day is upon us. The only way the American people can really be independent is if we reinvent Congress by throwing out all of the corrupt legislators and replacing them with genuine representatives who reflect the wishes of their constituencies and not the interests of those with money enough to bribe them. Since it is obvious the oil monarchs are not going to lower the artificially inflated price of gasoline, an inflation that is slowly crippling our nation, the oil companies should be nationalized. Regulatory agencies that are, in theory at least, designed to protect the public but which the Bush people have deliberately and steadily been emasculated need to be rebuilt to serve the public, not private, needs. The public has no real idea how utterly corrupt and worthless most of our legislators have become. Every-growing greed is rampant but the Senate, for example, is considered to be an exclusive club, Larry Craig’s lavatory fumblings aside, so Senators do not discipline their own fellows even though their corruption is known to each and every one of them. The proliferation of male and female “escort services” in the District area is incredible. There are more whores now on the streets than inside the Capitol building and it is known that any kind of strange, perverted sexual services are readily available. After all, look at the Guckert/Gannon case wherein a known male homosexual prostitute with a website, was invited into the White House, in the evenings, on fourteen separate occasions and allowed to remain there for the entire night. Persistent rumors here is that he was boffing the President have never been disproved but the obedient press has maintained a dignified silence. The right wing media, such as the drug addict Limbaugh, loved to attack Clinton for his minor affairs with women but have maintained strict silence on the many homosexual and S&M activities of a significant number of top Republicans. Get rid of them all and start in all over again. Of course, the corruption will start to grow again but for a few years, decency and not debauchery will prevail in the halls of Congress and we will all be the better for it.”