Voice of the White House

July 3, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“Every so often, our blessed government erupts into what they take seriously but which most of us see as buffoonery. Here, I am speaking about the breathless 'revelations' of Russian spies in the United States. Who ever produced this one probably is responsible for the 'Bin Ladin tapes' which are also nonsense. They take their productions seriously but no one else does. Of course, the Russians are interested in what we do, but so are the Chinese, the Canadians, the Italians and others. Why doesn’t the American media start talking about the real spies in America? And by this I do not mean the Russians. I am speaking about our Dearest Friends and Allies, the Israelis! Not only do they spy on us and steal any secrets they can find, they spend much of their time burrowing into our corrupt Congress and trying to persuade Washington to physically attack their enemies. Israel is the Spanish Fly in Middle East politics. She spends her time, and our money, picking fights with her neighbors. The degree and extent of Israeli interference in our world is amazing in its depth and brazenness, and the media should watch them, not a small group of Russians.