Voice of the White House

January 3, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"I was having lunch with a French diplomat, an economic expert, and we were talking about the looming monetary crisis in the EU. It is fairly obvious to outside observers that the entire structure is beginning to fall apart. Countries with stable economies are asked to give billions of euros to countries with unstable or even collapsing economies. The Greeks on the leadership level are willing to accept enforced austerity in return for economic support but the public, used to years of free food, are in open rebellion. Italy is in serious economic trouble and Spain is right behind them. Neither France nor Germany wish to pour money down a hole and in spite of press releases talking about unity of spirit, the truth is that France, Germany, Russia and one Scandinavian country are making firm plans for their own economic and political union to replace the collapsing EU. It is fairly well known in Washington that our CIA has been behind the “voter protests” in Russia, hoping to kick Putin out before he starts on an expansionist program. The reabsorption of the Ukraine would be a major blow to the CIA’s “encirclement” program, a program that was dealt a nearly mortal blow by the Russian incursion into Georgia. Now, the U.S. is seen as a paper tiger and if Putin stays in power, all the efforts of the CIA to isolate Russia (so we can get our hands on her oil and gas) are in serious danger."