Voice of the White House

February 3, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
For many years, the United States has been controlled very tightly by an oligarchy consisting of business, banking, and other entities. The military has now become the most powerful group influencing the government in that it wants (and gets) a huge amount of money from tax revenue. The American media, print and television, are a working part of this oligarchy in that they supply the propaganda necessary to secure pubic acceptance of various governmental policies. The candidacy of Trump, a rich and strong-minded outsider, was anathema to the oligarchy who pulled out every stop to prevent him from ever gaining power. That he won has wrecked their plans for business as usual plottings and we now can clearly see this wreckage and the rage accompanying it in a flood of 'Hate Trump' soundings in the captive media. The roars of anger are so childish and so obvious that all they are doing is shutting the door on public belief and making themselves obvious to anyone able to read the labels on a ketchup bottle...