Voice of the White House

February 3, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"I said it before and I repeat that it is not a good idea to poke fun at or disrupt Russia's Vladimir Putin. Russia basicially controls Europe's natural gas and most of its oil and now that a fierce winter, caused by the global weather changes, has eastern Europe locked in an icy death grip, suddenly Russia is turning off their natural gas and oil shipments to some countries. These are the so-called 'Nato people' that the American far right, aided and abetted by the vicious CIA that were trying to surround Russia with an iron curtain of their own, designed to get their hands on the same oil and gas they missed the boat on in 1992. It is well known inside the Beltway that the Ukrainian 'Orange Revolution' was instigated and funded by the CIA and that as America's grip on eastern Europe weakens, there is no question that Ukraine will rejoin the Russian Republic. This will include the huge naval base at Sevastopol in the Crimea that Washington has lusted after for decades."