Voice of the White House

August 3, 2014

Washington, D.C.: Posturing and fist-shaking by President Obama aside, the reality now becoming manifest in the world is the anger and impotent fury on the part of the leadership of the United States aimed at Russia. Why at Russia? Not because of the situation in the Ukraine (started by the American CIA in Kiev) but because of the world oil situation. The reserve and production figures in the oil world are most interesting. Of known oil reserves, Russia ranks eighth in the world with reserves of 80 billion barrels while the United States ranks fourteenth in the world with reserves of 26.8 billion barrels. Of current production, Russia ranks first in the world producing 10,900,000 barrels per day while the United States ranks third producing 8,453,000 barrels per day. And it is to be noted that the Unites States, by itself, consumes 19,150,000 barrels per day. If complex appearing issues are reduced to their common denominator, it is easy to recognize that the United States consumes far more than it produces and although there is much propaganda about stunning results of shale-oil 'fracking,' in truth, oil from this process not only is of inferior quality, but its extraction from the ground is potentially very dangerous, both by the infusion of contaminated material into the water table and by the disruption of seismic plates which result in small to medium earthquakes. Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and has to resort to pumping live steam into its wells to free up more oil and this country is a major supplier of oil to the United States. Venezuelan oil, another source of American imports, is of low quality and needs expensive refining before it can be commercialized, so it is easy to understand the current Russia-bashing prevalent in the American media.