Voice of the White House

October 31, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
There are two reasons for the frantic actions of various governmental groups to get their hands on electronic, written, and spoken, communications of anyone in the United States, and Europe if they wish. The first and foremost reason is to have the ability, if desired, to pinpoint any citizen of the United States or Europe who might be believed to harbor or express anti-government policy. The government, now embarked on a series of punitive and seemingly endless small wars, remembers the national outrage after the Vietnam War was in progress for years. They do not want to have to cope with draft dodgers fleeing to Canada or, worse, taking to the streets in massive protests. Ergo the ability to spy on any citizen at any time. The second reason is far more serious. Muslim fundamentalists, outraged at America's unquestioning support of an aggressive and very hostile Israel, have included America in their list of enemies. The observation of such groups and their attempts to launch any kind of terror attack on American soil is a necessity. It would only take one suicidal fanatic to blow up some school, church, or a building housing a legislative body to create a wave of irrational fear in the American public. They would demand protection and it would be impossible to provide it, given the poor performances of many agencies. Like the dormant but very potent mortgage crisis, the government desparately wants these things to disappear for the immediate future. What happens later, in other administrations, is of no concern to them.