Voice of the White House

January 31, 2010

Washington, D.C.: “I have learned from a source in the Chase Manhattan bank that his people are scared literally shitless over the news, gleaned from a very competent German intelligence service, that a group, totally off the screen, not Muslim and probably American-based, have managed to crack the entrance information into the electronic, international banking wire and transfer system. These are:

SWIFT (Bruselles)

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions

CHAPS (London)

Clearing House Automated Payments System

CHIPS (New York) - Private Sector

Clearing House Interbank Payments System

FEDWIRE (New York) - US Government

Fedwire Funds Service

If, as the German reports have rumored, someone or some group successfully sabotages these systems, the world of international banking and the entire country would suffer a terrible blow that would take months, if not years, to recover from. Billions of dollars in bank transfers would vanish instantly and replicating the data, if the attackers know what they are doing, would take eons to try to replace. For instance, the BofA transfers $200,000,000.00 to a bank in Germany and in a nano second, the transfer vanishes. No money is sent and none received. I do not know if this operation is connected with other very disruptive activities that our Brave Defenders of Liberty are trying to track but the Germans seem to feel that the elements involved are not Arabs or Russians but Americans because of the idiomatic English in the messages they have decoded.

Also… A joint Pentagon/Department of Transportation plan to conduct a permanent surveillance of all motor vehicles using the Federal Highway System is code named ARGUS. It was initially a part of an overall public surveillance program instituted and organized by Admiral Poindexter, convicted of various criminal acts as the result of the Iran-Contra affair and then brought back to government service by the Bush Administration. Following public disclosure of Poindexter’s manic attempts to pry into all aspects of American life and his subsequent public departure from government service (he is still so employed but as a “private consultant” and not subject to public scrutiny) many of his plans were officially scrapped. ARGUS, however, is still valid and still being developed.

This Orwellian nonsense consists of having unmanned video cameras installed over all Federal highways and toll roads. These cameras work 24/7 to video all passing vehicles, trucks, private cars and busses. The information is passed to a central data bank and entered therein. This is expected to show on request of any authorized law enforcement agency to include private investigative and credit agencies licensed to work with Federal law enforcement information on any user of the road systems under surveillance. Provisions will be made, according to the operating plans, to notify local law enforcement immediately if any driver attempts to obscure their license plate number and instructs them to at once to “apprehend and identify” the vehicle or vehicles involved.

The only problem with implementing this ambitious program is its cost: $5 billion over a three year period.

The report estimates that this program can easily be installed and running on a nationwide basis within two years from its commencement.

It also will be a Federal crime to attempt to damage or in any way interfere with these surveillance devices..

And….Those who are interested in obtaining what can only be called “revealing” pictures depicting former Alaska Governor Palin and her daughter’s boyfriend, Levi Johnson, can obtain these entertaining color pictures, free of charge, by writing to: Fran at 3015 East New York St., Aurora, IL 60504. Enjoy. I don’t think the GOP will, however!”