Voice of the White House

December 31, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
For many years, the country has been effectively run by loose-knit but very effective oligarchies composed of major business and industrial entities, aided by such agencies as the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and what are called the Neo-Cons. Getting the support of Congress is only a matter of the amount of bribe money exchanging hands, and Presidents, not wishing to be assassinated or deposed, eagerly cooperate in any project the overlords deem necessary. This control element has complete control over the traditional print media and television news entities, all of whom publish whatever transparent, but supportive lies their masters require. Russia has become an enemy, accused of all manner of ludicrous 'attacks' on the United States. Why Russia? She has many wonderful natural resources like oil and natural gas. The Neo-Cons, almost all of whom are Jewish, have a visceral hate of Russians because in the 19th century, Imperial Russia harassed their Jewish population, forcing many of them to immigrate to the United States. And overall, the United States is a strong practitioner of the Might is Right school of thought. America is devoid of any form of diplomacy other than the barely disguised program of military threats and the subversion and internal destruction of any other nation that dares to defy it. The Clinton defeat shocked all of the overlords and one sees in their hysteria, signs of the beginnings of defeat of their organizations. The oligarchs see this as a revolution but it is, in fact, an evolution, and they are on the dirty end of a short stick.