Voice of the White House

December 31, 2008

Washington, D.C.: The real story of the Bernie Madoff rip-off is being kept under official U.S. lock and key since it has become very evident that most of the stolen funds were sequestered in Israeli banks and with the active connivance of top Israeli government officials. Of the 50 billion, give or take, that this scumbag made off with, about 40 of it is still safe in Israel and will remain secret under current Israeli laws. Because of Madoff’s Jewish political and social connections in the United States, the two SEC “investigations” into allegations of improprieties in his business methodology, were deliberately sequestered. There is absolutely no way that even the most cursory audit of Bernie’s books would not have at once exposed the fraud so the lying SEC reports are a strong indication of the immunity this thief had in the highest Bush governmental circles. Bush himself had been told of some of this and indicated that the investigations should be squashed because of Bernie’s “close and significant” Israeli government connections. The problem with some of this information is that not one word of it will ever be seen in the American media and the swindled will stay that way. If, the Bush people reason, the public ever gets wind of this passive complicity in this immense swindle, an avalanche of lawsuits might well follow. And Bernie? Bernie had accomplices, both in New York, Washington, and Tel Aviv. When some of these investors realize that the 70 year old swindler might decide to plea bargain his way out of a long sentence, poor Bernie will be a dead man. He might fall out of his apartment while washing the windows, kill himself in a fit of remorse or, most likely, suffer the same kind of a very convenient heart attack that killed Ken Lay of Enron, another man with embarrassingly high level connections to the President. The hands-off attitude of our useless media in this reeking case of theft and political malfeasance should show the public why both the print media and the television industry in America is rapidly going the way of the SUV.