Voice of the White House

August 31, 2019

Washington D.C.:
No matter where you are these days, some flabby inbred weasel is watching, listening or reading you. No computer is safe, no journey unobserved. The goat boys know all about your credit card charges, daughters' boyfriends, contents of your safe-deposit boxes, casual conversations in your car with your wife, your mail, your supermarket purchases, what you tell your doctor, what books you read, the name of your dog, what bus you take to work, who you voted for, a conversation you had with a stranger at a coffee shop, your utility bills, your childrens' academic records, what you and your brother were talking about in front of your television set, and a good deal more. Eventually, when the general public realizes just how public their private lives have become, they will rebel but then it is known that the FBI infiltrates all social groups with their army of 75,000 snitches so rebellion will be punished. How? By being strapped in a chair and forced to listen to really bad country and western music played over and over...