Voice of the White House

November 30, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
One of the primary goals of the American right wing business community is to encircle Russia, ruin her economically, and then step in and claim her natural resources. The U.S. Army got itself into Georgia not too long ago and filled it with American troops and tons of equipment. The Russians countered this by sending armored columns into the country, thus causing the CIA army to flee to the east and the airport at Tiblisi while the grunts fled to the west to the Black Sea where our Navy rescued them. This debacle chilled the feeble attempt to get the Baltic States, Poland and others to join NATO. And trust me, the CIA was behind the so-called 'Orange Revolution' in the Ukraine and believe me, the bribes were astronomical. Fortunately, it was all US tax payer money but we managed to get the big naval base at Sevastopol under our thumb and there was the prospect of getting our business interests into control of the Ukrainian natural resources. The plan to get that country into the EU fell apart when Putin disapproved and now we see squeals of rage from the slack-jawed ninnies at Langley, rage that is clearly echoed in the columns of the government-friendly New York Times. If the well-paid rebels in Kiev think that by screaming and waving their arms around in public they will change matters, they had best remember the notorious CIA-instigated coup in Hungary in 1956. The CIA started the rebellion but it collapsed when the government stepped in and confronted them. The man who conceived this fiasco, Frank Wisner, had a nervous breakdown and blew his brains out all over the ceiling in his garage...