Voice of the White House

April 30, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Down in Virginia is a small city named Charlotttesville. It has been designated as a future intelligence and governmental center. There are a number of very phony 'institutes' there and on various distant hills large antenna are to be seen. Recently it was being discussed that busloads of workers in vehicles with covered windows were known to have driven up towards Harrisonburg in the hills and there set to digging a large underground command center. That this was supposed to be a secret program is obvious but the workers talked and now the entire town is aware of this. Perhaps it is intended to be another underground White House or perhaps the DCI wants to use it to raise mushrooms but in either case, people drive up the road to Harrisonburg and point out the windows and talk about buried secrets. And Washington itself is due to be flooded soon enough. The Pentagon, which has six floors down (that are never talked about) is near Arlington and if the sea levels keep rising at their current rates, the basements, secrets and all, will be underwater so they, too, will move south. The American taxpayer is so generous...