Voice of the White House

May 2, 2009

Washington, D.C.: ”I am back in the zoo again after a brief vacation. As a professional civil servant, I have kept my job when all about me have fled into the woods where they are heard at night, hissing their hatred at the Democrats in general and Obama in particular for ruining their lives. They don’t realize that Bush, the AIPAC people, the Christian lunatics and the bankers beat them to it. Now, in the wilderness, they feel the cold and yearn for the expensive apartments, the lush cars and the expense accounts. Bush stuffed the agencies with his own right wing fanatics and Cheney has boasted that he, too, stuffed various agencies with his spies. The Republicans dream of their failed empire while their increasingly nutty leaders, personified by Rush Limbaugh the convicted drug addict and the thoroughly eccentric Governess Palin, sound like a pack of rabid Hyenas braying at a pack of feeding lions. Their attacks on the victorious Democrats are becoming increasingly manic and soon they will be accusing Obama of being a Martian immigrant who eats kittens for breakfast. No one could have done more damage to the Republicans than their own people and if Cheney doesn’t shut up, he will either be given a fatal heart attack or be indicted. My, how the mighty have fallen! Have another drink on me!”