Voice of the White House

July 2, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The only reason why Washington wants to maintain a strong military presence in Afghanistan is not to bring True Democracy and Freedom to the Afghan people but to protect the areas where opium poppies are grown. The crop of Yen Shee or raw opium, is very large and of excellent quality. A portion of this, which looks like baseball-sized lumps of rubber cement, goes north to the refineries in Kosovo from whence it travels north on the Adriatic, through southern Austria, into Germany and up, through the Baltic, to Russia. The bulk of the crop is crated, put into the holds of large commercial aircraft and flown to Columbia where it is converted to heroin and trans-shipped to the United States via the Mexican drug cartels. Who owns these transport planes? The CIA does. And that explains why America is so determined to bring True Democracy and Freedom to the Afghan people and protect the opium. All one has to do is to look on the Internet and see the maps showing the current opium fields and then look at other public maps showing the general positions of American military to see the truth of the matter. And does the Pentagon profit from this? Does the White House? No, but Langley does.