Voice of the White House

December 2, 2015

Washington D.C.:
Steroid-filled turkeys have been digested, slowly, Black Friday (this has racist overtones and ought to be called Happy Friday or better, Green Friday instead), has come and gone and now the stores and other commercial ventures are dragging out decaying old trophies for the celebration of Christmas. This used to be a Pagan holiday in Rome, but early Christian propagandists took it over. Although propaganda sensitive print media will encourage the public to buy useless trash as never before, sales will fall flat. Not much money and no desire to spend it. In the United States, religion is shrinking like the Mississippi River and soon the only people attending garage sized churches will be the mindless and irrational evangelicals. Once they hoped to inherit the White House but soon all they will inherit are their dead grandmothers' oxygen tanks. If you want a good guide to disaster, read Malthus on population and food supplies and Calhoun's study of overpopulation of rats. Just these two, spiced with Hoffer's 'True Believer' will dampen your ardor when you contemplate the predictable future. Whenever a species overpopulates, various controls appear. Not sometimes, but always. Either a disease, hitherto passive, erupts and wipes out half the overcrowded population, or starvation and raw anarchy stalks the land and with the same result.