Voice of the White House

August 2, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “While the media is covering the desperate thuggery of the far-right Republicans to somehow block any kind of health reform that might take money away from the entrenched and very wealthy American medical community, everyone in the media has thankfully managed to ignore an issue that we have no intention of ignoring. That issue is where did Bernie Madoff hide the $65 billion he ripped off over a 30+ year period? Bernie claimed he was running a Ponzi scheme which he was not. He was investing his loot in Israeli banks where it could never be either found nor returned and paying out at 8% interest. He invested the money at 10% and he and his co-conspirators both in the United States and Israel had the difference and the principal. Why does the media say nothing about this when it is common knowledge both in the higher levels of the American investment and banking community as well in the higher levels of the American regulatory agencies? Because no one can get it back and no one wants to upset our dear friends in Israel. Obama is no friend of Israel, but even the President does not want to open this can of worms, so the victims, most of whom are Bernie’s co-religionists, can whistle for their money, all of which is safe and sound in Israeli banks. Will anything every be done about this? Only if the controlled American media and cautious American regulatory agencies take notice of this. They won’t and everyone but the victims hopes it will all go away. Bernie went away, the money went away and everyone else went away. Let’s get the money back, folks. If Israel thought that Obama would hold up their yearly check from Congress, I would wager the money would magically appear. Bets, anyone?”