Voice of the White House

April 2, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The root cause of the manufactured hostility towards Russia has originated with the CIA's attempted encirclement of that country to both destroy it as a potential rival global power and to weaken it to the point where American business interests can exploit her natural resources. The CIA assisted Beria to assassinate Stalin and when Beria was deposed and shot, they eventually settled on Boris Yeltsin as a projected puppet leader. Yeltsin, obeying orders, denationalized Russia's natural resources which allowed American business interests the ability to control the business entities that they enabled to buy up the stock. The CIA also fomented the so-called Orange Revolution in Ukraine which allowed American business and military interests potential control over the iron mines of the Donetz basin and the former Soviet naval base in Crimea. Always insulated from reality and self-delusional, the CIA botched the second Orange Revolution and because of this, Russia regained legal control over Crimea and so disrupted the social structure in the Donetz as to render it useless for Ukrainian and American control. And so Obama threatened Russia with economic sanctions and got OPEC to lower the price of oil, thus damaging Russia's economy. And when the release of the Podesta papers badly damaged both Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, naturally their response was not to admit their transgressions, but instead search for a scapegoat. Putin was the obvious choice and so the weak print media has engaged in an instructed campaign, not only against Trump but against Putin and Russia. This plotting has been too little, too transparent and most important, too late.