Voice of the White House

May 29, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “The one really positive result of Scott McCellan’s exposé of Bush’s lying manipulations dragging us into a useless and very damaging war is to effectively block any attempt on the part of the Administration to fabricate similar reasons for a “preventive war” against Iran. Cheney certainly wants to do this and the Israelis are frantically pushing and shoving their co-religionists in the neocon movement to goad Bush into pulling their chestnuts out of the Middle East fire. With the administration moving towards its final days, the time slot for a new war is getting smaller and smaller and if the earlier, successful trickery has been exposed, another try won’t work. Bush is not going to leave the Oval Office without performing more mischief to annoy and antagonize the public whom he views, rightly, as having deserted him. An air strike on Tehran can be ordered by the president at any time but they are now weighing the positive and negative sides. The recent exposure of what practically everyone in the DC media recognizes was an outright lying fraud ought to keep the slavering warmongers in their cages until we have a new president. If it’s McCain, there will be war for certain. He’s for more war, a draft, and military enforcement of domestic law and order.”