Voice of the White House

March 29, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“The mortgage scandal is starting to move up into public view where it should have been years ago. The problem: MERS, a government program, is supposed to simplify the mortgage situation but instead, has made it a pending disaster. Why is this? MERS takes many mortgages, including yours, and makes financial sausage out of them. It mixes up a number of mortgages, packages them and sells them to a certain huge New York bank. This bank, in turn, quickly sells them overseas because they are inherently unstable. Why? Because of the sausage process, it is absolutely impossible to find out who, or what, owns a specific mortgage and the person paying on this mortgage, can never, ever, get a clear title. MERS can have its concealing hand forced by the courts, and indeed this is happening every day, and when it does, the payer on the hidden mortgages gets clear title to his or her house and has to pay nothing else. Also, people MERS throws out of their homes can, if they go to court, get them back on the same basis. This will be a field day for the American legal profession and attorneys with a background in real estate law can contact:

info@chinkinthearmor.net to be added to the growing stable of legal assistants. And concerning the so-called ‘Tea Party” groups: Be advised that many of the members of these groups are threatening violence to law enforcement officials and members of Congress. This is a no-no. Now, the FBI and other agencies are laying plans to bag hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who are dragging guns to public meetings, threatening officials on the phone or by letter, and similar acts of stupidity. No government can tolerate such threats of blatant domestic terrorism. If someone objects to governmental policy, use the ballot, not the bullet. Otherwise, hundreds if not thousands, of screaming militants will be missing at the Divine Sarah’s party meetings and will have to stand up for count at four in the afternoon. Of course, it’s well-known that the more vicious members of the Republican leadership are egging these creeps on, so a Senator or two eating his meals off a tin plate is a foregone conclusion.”

An interesting letter from a reader:

Just a little line to thank you for your timely warnings about the mortgage problem. I have a mortgage on my house that I thought was owned by our local savings and loan but once I read your story about MERS and the title problem, I went to the hall of records here and was finally told that MERS had the mortgage. The clerk asked me why I wanted to know and when I told him I wanted to see the name of my mortgage holder, he got very upset and said MERS was a part of the US government and really above-board and that anything I read on the web was lies and could not be believed ever. I asked right out about the identity of the owner and he did not answer me. Next, I talked to a lawyer I have known for years and he got into this and just today he found that they cannot produce any owner but MERS. He said we could force their hand and I said yes, we should, so he is going to file papers with the local court. About ten minutes ago, someone had called the lawyer from the county offices to say that all the stories about MERS were dead wrong and that suing people could get me in trouble. The lawyer told them off and at the end of the week, he is making a formal request and having it delivered to the records people. And if they can't or won't come up with an owner, he is going to sue MERS and the people I made the original mortgage with. My niece works on the local paper, and now she is interested in all of this. Her editor OKed a story for her to work on, so we can see where that goes. These thieving bastards are taking everything we own, but I just won't stand for it, and I have told everyone I know in town about this. Scared the hell out of all of them, believe me. Thanks again for putting me wise to this huge ripoff.