Voice of the White House

March 29, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “One of the more entertaining themes being discussed here these days concerns international fury with Bush and his partners in crime. Crime? Torture among other matters. If Cheney, Rumsfeld, Addington, Yoo or about thirty others ever go to some destination in the EU, they will probably be arrested and put on public trial for war crimes. It is pretty doubtful if the Obama people will do this because Obama does not want to distract the public from his messages about the economy and his need for public support of his corrective measures. I have the feeling, however, that Obama’s legendary patience is wearing very thin, especially in light of Cheney’s post-election attempts to spread lies about the President-elect to Israel. (‘Pro-Arab and anti-Israel! was the Cheney mantra) and this in and of itself could cause Cheney serious domestic problems. These nutty fanatics can’t keep their mouths shut, such is their self-importance, but silence is often better than ten to twenty in a Federal slammer. Oh my, the right wingers have lost everything but their virginity and that will probably be next. Having encountered some of these arrogant pricks in the past, I can assure you a long jail sentence would warm my heart. Most of them are too old and too ugly to be concerned about gang rapes in prison but they say if you can’t get a woman, get a clean old man.”