Voice of the White House

June 29, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“Israel has not destroyed Tehran with their deadly bagel bombs, Bush is swiftly fading into blessed obscurity like the Cheshire Cat, McCain is taking his medications and acting more and more like poor Uncle Rupert who walks outside buck naked and the oil barons are in states of ecstasy over their obscene profits. Now that the old driving seasons is arriving, they are going to jack up the price of gasoline to five dollars. Of course they will show restraint when summer is over and bring it down a few dollars. On the other hand, when winter arrives, the price of heating oil will break through the stratosphere into outer space. This will result in many people freezing to death if the winter, as expected, will be severe but this won’t bother the oil barons who will be enjoying the sun in their Monaco homes on the relatively warm Mediterranean. And let’s hope the Republicans don’t engineer a fake terrorist attack in late October. They would certainly love to do this, but this time around, that sort of thing might backfire.”