Voice of the White House

July 29, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
I read on various legitimate Internet news sources that the US claims to have proof of Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian targets. The pictures have been ridiculed by the Russians and further information from official American sources that state much of their information comes from the social networks such as Twitter, Tweet and Facebook are so entertaining that I felt it necessary to comment on them. Any nation's intelligence agencies that bases serious accusations of misconduct on anything emanating from the social networks must be a combination of utter stupidity and contempt for their public's intelligence. I do not doubt for an instant that Russia has been, clandestinely, supplying weaponry to the breakaway elements in eastern Ukraine, but I doubt if they are firing missiles into that country, and I find it impossible to believe that Putin would encourage the shooting down of a commercial plane. The evidence of weight would indicate that the Ukrainians themselves shot down this plane, on purpose, and to embarrass their enemies. Hysterical utterances from official Washington about sanctions and so on are designed to cover up American knowledge of this murderous activity on the part of their disant ally, Ukraine. While it is true that the US can cause economic injury to Russia, Russia, in turn, is capable of doing far more against American economic interests. Note that the EU is very careful not to unduly annoy Putin. If the neocons in the State Department and the CIA are not successful in recovering the strategically important Crimea, perhaps they might turn their anger on an easier target like North Korea or even Nigeria. After all, the latter has many valuable oil deposits. Perhaps we could send in troops to protect Nigeria's freedom-loving people?