Voice of the White House

August 29, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “Much wailing and rending of garments over at the Israeli Embassy over the Georgian debacle recently. It was planned that their airforce people would attack Iran during the confusion caused by the artillery bombardment in South Ossetia but the swift and totally unanticipated Russian response took everyone by surprise. Putin’s people captured all kinds of highly sensitive documents and the Bush people are terrified about what might turn up. Israel is furious and at more than the loss of equipment and documents. They had been pushing the feeble-minded McCain into putting the detestable Joe Lieberman onto the ticked at VP because it is obvious that McCain will never finish his first term and Israel would have one of her strongest supporters in the Oval Office. McCain had promised a US attack on Iran but this is not to be, given the disaster in Georgia so the garments are rent and the ashes cast while the Israelis look for someone else to pull their chestnuts out of a fire of their own making.”