Voice of the White House

February 28, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The news usually comes in clumps, great excitement, frenzies of supposition, abounding theories, creative fictions, waning interest, silence, and then another round. The American media is living under the misapprehension that they are the voice of the people whereas they are now nothing more than the vice of the people. Once a determining factor in American social and political life, the media is now reduced to discussing new pizza restaurants, bad weather, and heart warming stories about minorities who have made great strides in new hair styles. Before the last presidential election, the media boosted Clinton and ignored a Trump that could never ever win the election because they wouldn't support him. Trump won and the post-election wailings of the media would have deafened a tornado. And when Trump entered the Oval Office, the media, like a pack of starving Chihuahuas, yapped and squeaked about him as if he had stepped on their food bowl. Which, in essence, he had. When Trump retaliated by booting the worse ones out of his press conferences, one would believe the Constitution was being burnt in public by a legion of hooded dwarves. The media and its owners lost. Get used to it.