Voice of the White House

December 28, 2007

Washington, D.C.: ”Yesterday, I was looking through a stack of reports dealing with various subjects, wondering what I needed to deal with. One of the reports was so fascinating in its implications that I have become extremely interested in it.

The facts and the statistics we very clearly know but the causes we do not. Using accurate FBI records, we learn that over 800,000 Americans are reported as missing each year. From this number about 75% are resolved within 24 hours. These solutions consist of children running away or the object of parental kidnapping in custody cases make up the bulk of this enormous figure.

Considering all factors, such as adults opting out of a marriage, men leaving the prospect of a financially crushing divorce and child support payments, people with crushing mortgage or credit card payments, criminals vanishing under other names and so on. 650,000 are accounted for leaving a balance of 150,000 per annum unaccounted for. By its own public records, easily accessed on the Internet, the FBI has over 800,000 cases on its books, past and present. As of December, 2007, the FBI is currently working on 12,657 active cases of vanished 18 to 20 year olds who completely disappeared in 2006.

None of this information is secret or suppressed, but the person, such as myself, who digs into public records is left with the feeling of having discovered a great mystery that has no easy or comfortable answer. Every year, large numbers of Americans go missing. Over half of these can be accountetd for but that leaves a balance of between 200,000 and 150,000 completely unaccounted for, and that’s on a yearly basis! And those who cannot be accounted for never show up again, either under other names or as skeletal remains in some farmer’s distant pastures.

As these numbers of what can only be called the vanished increase year by year, the obvious question is what happened to these people? I have heard perfectly valid stories of people going to the mailbox in broad daylight and vanishing from the driveway without a trace.

Discounting the lunatic fringe and their wild theories, we are left with nothing. What has happened to this huge mass of people whose disappearances are well documented? Did they all flee to some convenient desert island? By now, that island would have the population of Los Angeles and New York City combined.

They must have gone somewhere and didn’t just lie down and die.

Now there I find an interesting concept. We know they left, (or were perhaps taken off) but that is absolutely all. I have a friend in the FBI and we talked about this. He told me that he had personally investigated about 200 cases and many of the vanished had no reason to run away and their disappearance was very suspicious. Visions of vans full of predators snatching children from the sidewalks and parks is dramatic silliness but the children are still disappearing. My FBI friend told me that most of the unsolved cases were mysterious in the extreme but as he had no facts to work with, he was completely at a loss to explain these mass disappearances in a logical and, more important, believable, manner.

Unlike other subjects of public curiosity such as the collapse of the 9/11 buildings, this matter is very well, and openly, documented. We know the beginnings but never the end. Eventually, one begins to wonder if any of these vanished were deliberately siezed by persons, or most especially entities, unknown.

But that way can lie madness. I personaly feel that this is a subject that is very serious and should be thoroughly investigated, the results of which should be made public. There are those who will say that alien abduction is the most probable answer and they may well be correct but again, this does need to be thoroughly and publically examined.

And unlike other ’thorough’ government investigations, we are getting tired of stonewalling and the usual faked reports, like the grotesque 'Warren Report.' Anyone who thinks this subject is untrue need only check out the facts on the many internet sites. It’s all there, children, believe me...”