Voice of the White House

April 28, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
Played a round of tennis this Wednesday with an old friend who is in one of the alphabet agencies here inside the Beltway. Learned that there is now considerable concern about a new but relatively secret organization called 'Dies Irae' or the 'Day of Wrath.' So far, the FBI has not managed to penetrate it, (and the useless DHS never could) but the general thesis is that a significant amount of weaponry is being amassed at various points inside the country with no good in mind. He told me that recently, they discovered, after the fact, that 500,000 rounds of the illegal teflon pistol cartridges, made in Spain and capable of penetrating police, and National Guard body armor with great ease. He said that his people suspected that this was just one shipment of many. Also, he said that persons unknown had set up automatic cameras near the entrance to the CIA headquarters at Langley and apparently had been photographing cars with flashing turn signals going into the fenced and guarded parking lot. A car license number can reveal a person's real name and, worse, their home address. Where this is going no one knows, but it has rather sinister overtones, and the fact that the Great Protectors of the American Public have not managed to penetrate these groups is rather alarming. Life is full of surprises and I won both matches!