Voice of the White House

April 28, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “Following my comments on bill collectors, there was considerable response, as I understand it, and I am therefore setting down more comments on the subject that might be of interest to readers.

You have a mortgage, a telephone, a car, credit cards, a doctor or medical establishment, an internet server, an insurance policy, a boat, an aircraft, and you travel on American commercial airlines, rent cars, check in at vacation hotels, fly for business, use an ATM machine for cash withdrawals, and perhaps one or all of your children are in school or perhaps have been chucked out of school for violation of various State, Federal or school laws or rules of conduct.

You might have relatives in a nursing home, send money by Western Union or use Google or check out books from the local library.

What do all these things have in common? Why every scrap of information from any of the above is all on record in a huge data bank located outside of Bethesda, Maryland.

Who has access to this credit bank?

The Department of Defense, the Justice Department and their FBI, the NSA, the IRS, and the DHS on the Federal side and every credit company, insurance agency and bill collecting agency on the civil side.

Approved entities pay their entry fees and they can learn anything about anyone as long as it is in the huge files of the data bank.

And I mean all of it; the entire enchilada.

Does this surprise anyone? It shouldn’t.

The idea is that all of the federal regulatory agencies contribute to this bank and all the credit bureaus and official city and state agencies also pour tons of material into it, with the understanding that they can get anything on anyone at anytime.

It is possible to avoid all of this domestic spying a la the German Gestapo but most of the avoidance techniques are relatively unknown to the unsuspecting and innocent American population.

Informing them of their possibilities might be an interesting project for someone. The concept of leading a surveillance-free existence far from the drooling governmental snoops, perverts and knuckle-draggers is a heady one to contemplate.”