Voice of the White House

September 27, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
'The Empire in Decline' is a theme that one sees more and more often now on various reputable Internet sites. Is this prediction realistic? Yes, it is. America became the most powerful nation on earth with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but times change and we must change with them. This nation has become dependant on foreign sources for its badly needed oil, but now it is becoming more and more obvious that Putin's Russia is rapidly overtaking the Middle East as a source for oil and gas. And instead of cultivating Russia, the country's leadership has continued the old feud with Russia that was so popular before the Soviet collapse. When Obama demanded that Russian president Putin send Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower, back to America, Putin flatly refused. In retaliation, Obama threatened Syria, a major Russian client state, with bombardment and possible invasion. When Putin diplomatically trumped Obama's ace, the issue became bogged down in international diplomacy. In general, the masses can be mislead and propagandized for long periods of time, but when the time comes, as it is coming now, that the public becomes restive and angry, public revolt is certainly not an impossibility.