Voice of the White House

May 27, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
In spite of their fond beliefs, there is no secrecy any more. The government spies on the rest of us and we spy on them. The Deep Internet is one source the government snoopers cannot get into and many of us know that the so-called 'Social Networks' like Facebook, cooperate with government snoops. Avoid it by all means, and if you have children, warn them and then block Facebook from their computers. We spy on the Russians, Israel spies on us, and the Brits fall all over themselves to please America. The Germans are aware of CIA penetrations of their top-level governmental agencies and indivduals, and have taken, and are taking, steps to neutralize them. Both Ukraine and Greece are totally bankrupt and run around demanding other countries give them money. Their economies are equal to those of a mid-African country. Too many citizens, no products to sell and a heavy birth rate.