Voice of the White House

May 27, 2010

Washington, D.C.: “Tired of both the drain in human lives and, more important to the Obama administration, money from the pubic coffers, a series of new (and some old) plans have been prepared and are now being put into action. This involves the use of U.S. troops to defend the southern border with Mexico and a return to the Rumsfeld plan of rebuilding the U.S. military as a sort of elite strike force rather than a mass army. The reasoning behind these concepts? Three position papers show that the increasing arrogance of the Mexican drug dealers coupled with an unprecedented flood of illegals have overwhelmed Arizona, California, Texas, and federal law enforcement agencies. The drug lords control the borders, enter at will and will shoot to kill any interference from any source. U.S. military units stationed at Arizona’s Ft. Huachucha have been shot at repeatedly but hitherto have been under strict orders not to return fire. Heavily armed caravans of Mexican drug shipments are pouring into Arizona and Southern California in significant numbers so the concept of using the military to seal the porous borders off and to inflict heavy casualties on the invaders.

One unmanned observational drone run by the U.S. Navy out of Corpus Christi, Texas, will make flights back and forth across the border, relaying information about invaders to troops' stations all along that border. The orders will be to interdict the invaders, be they illegals or drug shipments, peacefully if possible but with extreme force is necessary. Actually, a few heavily-armed SUV's occupants sent to see Baby Jesus in delicious, ready-to-eat fragments would be wonderous and beneficial to behold. We can count of squeals of rage from the left-wing press but the overwhelming support of the white populations of all the border states for strong and militant action rules the day. After all, the New York Times has been bleating piteously about Darfur for years and no one cares, so moans about our vibrant brothers from the South have little chance of influencing anyone but their staff writers. And as to the reorientation of the military, this is seen as twofold in benefit: The first, and obvious, benefit would be to save money and assuage public attitudes towards an endless war that kills young Americans and to forge, or reforge, a weapon to be used against governments that support, tacitly or directly, Arab terrorists. One of the biggest sinners here is the beloved Saudi Arabia whose citizen-terrorists were solely responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The new plan would be to train clandestine units into strike, kill and destroy any such havens, regardless of the international havoc that might result. Countries high on the list of those who harbor would be, of course, Saudi Arabia, followed by Pakistan, North Korea, the obvious Iranian administration, and several African countries such as Somalia. These operations would be patterned on the British commando raids of the Second World War, but the gathering of intelligence practiced by the former would be replaced in the case of the latter by a direct and deadly strike, not at local military bases but at the very seats of government. A few dead high-level Mexican, Saudi or Iranian top officials would have a tendency to calm down others.”