Voice of the White House

March 27, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“Any number of interesting subjects today. First, we have incoming gen that the top Clinton people have been holding “substantive talks” with the McCain people, trying to stop Obama’s lead. Much speculation on how they plan to do this, in stupid defiance of Obama’s unquestioned popular support. If they pull off a typical back door coup, they could risk a serious public explosion from millions of people who are sick to death of their lies and thieving manipulations.

But even of more interest is the subject of a trip the nutty Cheney made to Saudi Arabia recently. While there, he told the Saudis that there was an “excellent chance” that the U.S. would “launch aerial strikes against Tehran and that nuclear weaponry could not be ruled out.” The Saudis at once sent out warnings to their various diplomatic missions, warnings intercepted by the Army’s special unit. This is the same unit that has broken Israeli diplomatic codes and reads their incoming and outgoing mail.

The Pentagon is furious over this because Cheney or Bush never bothered to mention this putative attack to them. Cheney is a flaming nut and the sooner his pump gives out, the better the world will be. Bush is only a hand puppet for Cheney and the neocons but he is very stupid and very stubborn, hence very dangerous. The Army and the Marines have too much on their plate to get involved in any kind of a military adventure but the Air Force is unscathed. Cheney told an aide yesterday that if we did nuke Tehran, he hoped the large staff at the Russian embassy there “got fried” for daring to oppose American policies.

None of this means that the United States is going to attack Iran but shows the mindsets of the nuts running the country. The Monkey Palace rumor is that McCain was told about this and just loved it.

Aren’t these wonderful people? Hillary is a nasty, spoiling bitch. McCane is a stone nut (pre-Alzheimer’s). Bush is a small-minded and vicious asshole and Cheney a monster. And these are our leaders? I think the American people deserve far better than these losers and I am sure the, at least, 4,000 dead soldiers ought to have a better memorial than to be known as Cheney’s executioners.”