Voice of the White House

February 27, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
I have learned from a source in the Chase Manhattan bank that his people are literally scared shitless over the news, gleaned from a very competent German Intelligence service, that a group, totally off the screen, not Muslim and probably American-based, have managed to crack the entrance information into the electronic international banking wire and transfer system.

These are:

SWIFT (Brussels)
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transaction

CHAPS (London)
Clearing House Automated Payments System

CHIPS (New York) Private Sector
Clearing House Interbank Payments System

FEDWIRE (New York) US Government
Fedwire Funds Service

If, as the German reports have rumored, someone or some group successfully sabotages these systems, the world of international banking and the entire country would suffer a terrible blow that would take months, if not years, to recover from. Billions of dollars in bank transfers would vanish instantly and replicating the data, if the attackers know what they are doing, would take eons to try to replace. For instance, the Bank of America transfers $200,000,000.00 to a bank in Germany and in a nano second, the transfer vanishes. No money is sent and none received. I do not know if this operation is connected with other very disruptive activities that our Brave Defenders of Liberty are trying to track, but the Germans seem to feel that the elements involved are not Arabs or Russians, but Americans because of the idiomatic English in the messages they have decoded.