Voice of the White House

December 27, 2011

Washington, D.C.:
"Much ado about Presidential candidate Ron Paul's alleged racist remarks in the media. It is never safe to attack, in any form, certain minority groups in this country or the media will immediately obey its masters and attack the offender. Mr. Paul's views on illegal immigrants, blind support of Israeli, and government overspending and proliferation are resonating in a society that has grown tired of being lied to and manipulated by its leadership and by the American media. If Mr. Paul begins to make gains in the Presidential race, count on all manner of snide attacks on him in the print media. That having been said, the print media and television are no longer a factor in public opinion, the Internet having replaced both of them. True the Internet has a good deal of utter nonsense in it but it also has very valuable and factual sites that are far better, and much cheaper, than the traditional media. The establishment can certainly control the media but it cannot control the Internet and that is exactly why the ever-obedient Obama and Sunstein want to control it to suit the Power Eilte. They ought to realize that the Power Elite is not the American public."