Voice of the White House

August 27, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“The American print media, virtually useless as a source of news, is now deeply engaged with the ceremonies for the dead performed for the late Senator Kennedy and the television industry has stopped displaying the lunatics of the far right to join in the Kennedy business. That there are many other interesting issues cropping up outside this country does not seem to interest anyone in the media and England could suddenly sink into the North Sea and it wouldn’t get more than a two second bite on any major station. There is a tempest in a tea pot on the international press sites about the Israeli’s gutting young Palestinians they have carefully shot in the head so as not to damage their valuable organs. Rumors of this have been floating around for some time but for various, and obvious, reasons, none of this nasty business has ever been seen or published here. At least our wonderful CIA only tortures people to death and does not consider their corpses as financially of value. That, I suppose, is a major difference between the Langley monsters and their counterparts at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.”