Voice of the White House

October 27, 2007

Washington, D.C.: “Just after the first battle of Fredericksburg in the Civil War, Confederate general Stonewall Jackson rode into the town, accompanied by members of his staff. When they viewed the extensive vandalism, one of his officers asked Jackson, “Sir, what is to be done?” Jackson surveyed the senseless damage and replied very firmly, “Kill them. Kill them all!” And on that instructive historical note, let us consider our present situation. America’s middle east foreign and military programs are now run entirely by right-wing Jewish groups but hardly for the benefit of the United States. The Likudists in the government and in various political action groups have only the interest of the state of Israel at heart. The so-called neocons deliberately pushed Bush and Cheney into the Iraqi war so as to permit a permanent U.S. military force in the area to protect Israel from her hostile Arab neighbors. Now they are demanding that Bush attack Iran because in the event Iran ever does develop an atomic bomb, they want Americans to save them as they have so many times before. That large numbers of young Americans are dead or have been severely injured means nothing to these miserable creatures. They are secure in the knowledge that they not only have Bush and Cheney’s full attention and cooperation but as they own or control all of the major American media, they have no worries about being exposed. If the lunatic Bush attacks Iran, the rest of us will know who is to blame but that will not bring the dead back to life or give our young men their limbs or sight back. Do remember General Jackson, won’t you?”