Voice of the White House

September 26, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “After 9/11, George Bush decided to put some hair on his sunken chest and fight a nice big war. The oil people and the Neocons whispered into his hairy ears that he could invade Iraq, save Precious Israel from an enemy and get all kinds of oil for the both of them. George is a nasty piece of work and as crooked as they come so he jammed an Imperial War Decree through a terrified Congress with ease. Now, with other friends of his, the crooked slimeball bankers, in danger of imminent meltdown due to their thievery, George has tried to jam another Imperial Decree through Congress. This one would give him huge amounts of money, unsupervised as to use, and make the docile American people eat the bill. This time a thoroughly discredited Bush has failed in his efforts on behalf of his friends and the American public has become aroused and infuriated to the point where another terrified Congress is refusing to heed the thoroughly discredited Bush. What will eventually happen, no one knows, but we now see that the Bush/Rove Might Republican Machine has run out of gas by the side of the highway and its crew of rodents are fleeing into the nearby woods for protection.

And may I give you several pieces of what I consider sound advice? First, if you have any extra money in one of the bigger banks, take it out and put it in a shoe box in your closet. If these banks start to collapse suddenly, which they are very likely to do, even the Government can’t supply them and their branches with enough paper to cover deposits. The second thought is to take some extra money, assuming you have any, and buy gold with it. Get this from a reputable coin dealer and buy older European gold coins like British Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns, French or Swiss francs. Keep away from weird gold from small countries…very hard to sell if you need to….and never, never buy gold and let some big company help you out by insisting they will store it in their “safe vaults.” Hah! And off to Aruba with them for sun and fun and their loot into Lichtenstein banks. Keep the money where you can get at it. Banks can no longer be trusted as we have found out the hard way.”