Voice of the White House

October 26, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
From planted jihadists of the FBI, the government has learned that ISIS has been sending American Muslims and Muslim-Converts to inspect various targets inside the US, Great Britian, and Canada. The purpose of this reconnaissance is to prepare for attacks on the US stock market on Wall Street, the Capitol building while Congress is in session, the White House when the President is in residence, such iconic east coast schools as Harvard and Yale, Dulles International Airport, Chicago's O'Hare, the New York State legislature at Albany, Amtrak, The Empire State Building, and other significant targets. The double-agents have also passed on a list of important Americans to include elected officials, prominent motion picture stars, Christian religious leaders and right-wing American politicians for physical attacks. Also gleaned has been information on similar targets in both Canada and Great Britian. The ISIS jihadists plan to strike physically at such targets both for maximum publicity, but also as revenge for military strikes on ISIS oil targets in the Middle East. And because Putin's Russia has also in the past been the target of such attacks by their own Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists, very private talks between US and Russian intelligence senior officials have been in progress in Bern, Switzerland for the past three months. It is also known that the ISIS people have been recruiting terrorism activists in Denmark, Sweden, France, and Germany. In these matters, the almost-universal official spying on communication lines such as computers and cell phones have proven to be invaluable in pinpointing the terrorists and locating their targets well in advance of physical attacks. There is also very alarming information that the ISIS people are trying to find a way in which to send EBOLA infected people into various target countries such as the US, Great Britian, and Canada and then leak this information to the respective media in order to cause civic panic. The countering of this program of terror is to play it back on the Muslim terrorists by blowing up sacred mosques, assassinating popular religious leaders, destroying one or more of the sites at Mecca, continuing to destroy ISIS captured oil facilities in the Middle East, and other retaliatory actions. American geo-political and natural resource wars with Putin's Russia are taking a back seat to the very real threat that Muslim terrorists are now posing to Western governments and people.