Voice of the White House

October 26, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
One of the funniest scenes now inside the Beltway is the frenzy on the part of the White House, its eccentric staff and the despicable higher leadership of the nation's intelligence community. They know that Snowden extracted tens of thousands of the most sensitive political and intelligence documents we have. What they do not know, and never will until it is too late, is just what he uncovered. Every week or so, new revelations burst forth, causing severe diplomatic repercussions and there is even more that will certainly enrage the average American citizen whose lives are being poked into, copied into reports and stored by as ripe a bunch of fascists to come along in years. I think one can see why the CIA is screaming for permission to assassinate Snowden in Russia, no matter what the diplomatic or public relations effect. Edward ought to be very careful about popping up at a Russian chess tournament or shopping center. Domestic assassins are a dime a dozen in Moscow. And what about that CIA operation in Saudi Arabia? The one that no one wants to talk about? Funding the anti-Saud family to change regimes to our benefit. Or the business in Washington where the Army is spying on the Israeli Embassy? Will all of these things emerge soon? Wait and see...