Voice of the White House

November 26, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
One of the most persistent rumors floating around the Beltway and in the upper levels of the intelligence communities is that Obama sacked US Secretary of Defense Hagel because Obama has been advocating some kind of American military action against Putin's Russia. Hagel was horrified and most uncooperative. Obama has the private reputation of being vindictive and vicious towards anyone who dares to block him, criticize him, or worse, make him look foolish - and Putin has done all three. He took over the oil-rich Crimea with its strategically important naval base that the US Navy hoped to get; he refused to give Edward Snowden to Obama's police; and he has been making threats about replacing the American dollar as the international currency. Obama views the Arctic as his make-or-break goal of total American control, both over the huge untapped oil fields and the lucrative shipping routes. That much of this prize lies inside Russian territory means nothing to the disbarred former Illinois lawyer and though Putin has made it very plain that he is not about to surrender Russian control, Obama is equally determined to either topple Putin via CIA plottings or simply occupy the Arctic by military force. The American Navy is larger than the Russian Navy, but her ships are old and in need of replacement. The current Russian Army is far larger, better trained and equipped than the worn-out American Army. In his anger and determination, Obama is not interested in facts, but Hagel, a combat veteran from Vietnam, certainly is. Watch him being replaced by some gutless turd, eager to do his master's lethal bidding.

Voice of the White House editor's note: As someone who studied the Russian military extensively and was specifically trained to fight the Russian Military as an active duty US Army Military Intelligence soldier who's job was to gather intelligence on Russian Military forces 8 hours a day, six days a week for 20 months while being completely surrounded by over one million Russian soldiers (90+ Divisions) in every direction 24/7 within the walled-in city of West Berlin, inside Communist East Germany and behind the Iron Curtain from April 3, 1985 until November 20, 1986, I just wanted the world to know that EVERY single Russian Military intelligence analyst alive laughed out loud when they read or heard about the mainstream media's pathetic gibberish about 'Russia invading Ukraine,' which was nothing more than an aid convoy from Russia to the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine (formerly part of Russia and the same country (USSR)) who were affected by the civil war there. I can assure EVERYONE on the planet that if the Russian Military ever decides to invade Ukraine, there will not be anybody or anything left inside Ukraine within two weeks.

Rob Kettenburg