Voice of the White House

November 26, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
"Not wishing damaging attention, the Army, the Department of State and the CIA are now using the thoroughly discredited private army of paid killers once known as Blackwater to kill America's perceived enemies in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. CIA-owned and controlled drone missiles are now being used by Blackwater against many purely civilian targets in both countries with the sole idea of terrorizing the local population and the added advantage of possibly killing militants, their families or potential supporters. To those of my readers who know little about this private SS association, perhaps a brief discussion of Blackwater, its owner and previous bloody activities might be in order. In Nazi Germany, it was not the German Wehrmacht who liquidated Communists and Jews in captured German territory in Western Russia but the SS and the SD. Both of these were private, not public, organizations and if a large massacre might be discovered, the military could say that they had no knowledge of it and hence, no responsibility for it. That many of these killers were hired by the Army, and later the CIA, after the war is a page of history that has not been written. As a parallel, the Blackwater assassins are a private army and official U.S. agencies can have Reaganís 'plausible deniability'."