Voice of the White House

May 26, 2017

Washington D.C.: The so-called Social Networks may bring joy and happiness to millions of eager and lonely people but they are really nothing more than a link in the chain of total surveillance built by official government agencies. I had lunch yesterday with a mid-level FBI person whom I have known for some years, and he told me that these networks had been specifically set up to save his agency (and no doubt others) a great deal of time and trouble when investigating citizens. Instead of questioning neighbors and co-workers, all the agency has to do is to tap into the Social Networks to gather valuable personal information on anyone they choose. The more powerful and the more potentially invasive a Social Network might be, the more unconditional support it receives from his agency. And the same agencies can use any cell phone as an eavesdropper, regardless if the owner has it turned on or not. The phone can be in your pocket while you are having lunch with a friend and, without any notice, it can be turned on and someone can hear every word you say. And the cell phone can be used, on or off, to track someone in a car or a bus or train. There are containers designed to hold the cell phone that have linings that will block any such activity and sensible people, who are not interested in some pin head snooping on them, so buy these and use them. And beware of any system which publicly announces that its system is 'unbreakable' because, in most cases, it has been set up with trapdoors big enough to permit the passage of a Mack truck.