Voice of the White House

March 26, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “Once, a long time ago, we got our news from the print media, then from the print media and television, and now we get the best and most immediate news from the internet.

The print media is vanishing from the American scene and the television media is dominated by idiot programs like 'Dancing with the Stars,' and 'American Idol.'

Like the Biblical plagues of Egypt, we have the Bloggers, the Twitters, and an immense convocation of babbling, self-important, ill-educated fools, venting their useless and unimportant views on the internet, like an army of pigs breaking wind upwind from a revival meeting.

Instead of news, we have personal opinions.

Frankly, who the hell cares what some twit thinks? Who cares, in fact, if some twit thinks?

Possession of or access to a computer appears to invest legions of morons with weapons to bombard the world with what amounts to useless demi-intellectual wind-breaking. What we are seeing is MyFace garbage popping up on “informational” sites and nearly all of this consists of the opinions of people who should seriously consider running into busy freeways at night.

“Well, Jimmy and I think that Obama…” Frankly, who gives a royal shit what you or Jimmy think? In the final analysis, who are you and Jimmy? Are you anyone in particular? One year of junior college and a spell checker, and you expect that the world will care about your piles, your sagging breasts, or minute genitalia? Or, even less important, what you think about anything at all?

News is becoming a babblefest but we can thank God that the same internet that brings you the silly fecal matter we find on MyFace can be offset by reading the foreign press. And those even worse idiots that read such silly crap as ‘My Left Behind,” can read “My Right Behind” and then, filled with thoughts of the Precious Jesus, can joyfully put their heads, collectively, into the oven and turn on the gas.

Hopefully, Uncle Einar, stuck upstairs in the dripping wheelchair, will smell the gas as it fills the house, nano seconds before he lights his cigar. The resulting explosion will rid the world, not only of a useless cripple but a brainless blogger."