Voice of the White House

June 26, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
The European Union has been an entity closely supported by the United States, both economically and politically. It was finalized in 1993 and was comprised of all of Europe with the exceptions of Norway and Switzerland. From an American point of view, the European Union, like NATO, served as a balance against Russia, whom the US has almost always viewed as its chief rival for world power. It was not necessary for the US to control the European Union as long as they were able to influence it, mainly through the American banking community. An attempt to get control of Russian natural resources, such as oil and gas, failed when the US-supported Russian oligarchs were neutralized by Vladimir Putin. From that point on, Putin has been viewed by Washington as a man who challenged the American expansionist programs and emerged victorious. As Russia gained in stature, the US, always one step behind, tried NATO threats to Russia, easily persuaded its European Union puppets to slap economic sanctions on Russia for its successful reuniting with Crimea. The upheaval in Ukraine was engineered by the CIA and resulted in the the economic collapse of that country.