Voice of the White House

January 26, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"Anyone who studies history or economics realizes that this country is heading into the roiled waters just above Niagara Falls. Blue collar jobs have all vanished overseas. Young people cannot get jobs anywhere. The national debt is out of control. Obama is not in control. His administration is trying to clamp down on any possible dissent in the public by getting the FBI, the DHS and other agencies to spy on any person or organization that might cause serious uproar prior to the November election. Realizing that over 60 million Americans do not have, and will never get, clear title to their homes, a frenzied administration is making all kinds of vague and unfulfillable promises to mortgage holders while having websites who exposing this immense problem quietly shut down. We know of at least one concerned site that was shut down by a company known to work closely with the government on security matters. Jails are packed with people, many of whom are entirely innocent of any crime and national law enforcement, feeling it has Presidential support, is brutalizing any person or persons who question the government's actions, the endless wars, growing poverty, unemployment, and finally, the brutal reality that they are not paying off their mortgages but only paying rent to someone who bought a 'financial package' from the Bank of America and other huge, bloated, and very powerful national banks. Where will this end? To the readers of history, the prospects for civil disobedience that would grow into something far worse, are very, very clear."