Voice of the White House

December 26, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
Christmas is over, weather patterns are changing, major shifts in the planet's power grid are unfolding and in the United States, the tawdry game of Presidential elections is boring millions. Where the parties find their candidates is a mystery. Probably an old flat-bed Ford truck drives slowly through the Skid Rows of America while someone sits in the bed, spraying cheap muscatel from a flit gun. The first retread wino that makes it, staggeringly, to the back truck, is hoisted on board and becomes a certified canditate. Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have said that God must love the common man because he had made so many of them. I think, observing the Beltway yahoos, that Lincoln must have meant 'idiots' instead of 'common man.' There are certainly more than enough dimwits infesting the country, but Washington DC has the greatest concentration of them.