Voice of the White House

September 25, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
At one point, the New York Times was probably the best daily newspaper in the United States. Then it became a mouthpiece for the CIA and published only what that agency requested and published nothing they felt might damage their image or global activities. As the Internet developed, more and more people looked to that entity for news, and the American print media went into sharp decline. Now, the once mighty New York Times (and the Washington Post) rarely have articles of any importance and their pages read like those of a small Iowa town. American television news has become a stage show with less substance than the Disney Channel. If someone is interested in news, they must look at the Internet. But even the foreign press always has a slant. The Guardian is quite left wing and stresses American minorities and third rate motion pictures. Russia Today is controlled by the Russian government but is quite accurate when it comes to American social problems. Reuters is dry and often accurate and Deutsche Welle contains shorter articles of accurate news. Advertisers are not going to pay ad money to a newspaper, or television network, if their readers or viewers are diminishing daily (in the last five years, the New York Times has lost 75% of its subscribers) and so we see a proliferation of annoying ads being shoved off on Internet viewers. Ad blocks exist and are very effective!