Voice of the White House

November 25, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
'Spare me from living in interesting times' said Lao Tzu. He would have been unhappy today because these are, indeed, interesting times. For many years, Israel has had a strong grip on American politicians. They used the fictional Holocaust (So far, EVERY autopsy performed on every victim of the holocaust locked in a concentration camp showed they died of The Plague) to gain sympathy and used money and clever political knowledge to whipsaw the American organs of control into unquestioning support of their expansionist programs in the Middle East. What Israel wanted, Israel got. But like all such, they went too far, finally demanding, and then ordering, the United States to bomb their enemy, Iran, and also to carpet bomb southern Lebanon where the controlling Hezbollah was known to have large stores of very dangerous surface-to-surface missiles. The US, tired to being attacked and demonized by militant Muslim groups for their blind support of Israel, backed off the demands. And this resulted in a flood of phone calls from Tel Aviv, Israel to their embassy in Washington DC, demanding political pressure that would result in unquestioning obedience. Unfortunately for Israel, all of these communications, no matter how much Israel believed in their security, were being intercepted and decoded. When the results of this project reached senior government officials, to include the office of the President, there was a very clear disengagement from political cooperation. This drove the militants in Israel mad with fury but screech as they would, they only alienated American political figures even more.