Voice of the White House

April 25, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
While Obama is in Japan making a fool out of himself playing games with a robot, his henchmen in Washington are putting the final touches on a plan to frighten Putin from drilling for oil on his continental shelf in the Arctic. Our American oil companies have their eyes on these rich holdings and Obama feels that if he is threatening enough, Putin will back down as so many others have before him and our Oligarchs will triumph again. Of course they didn't have much luck with the immense untapped Iraqi fields of oil but since the Saudis are running out, we have to find other, controlled, sources before we are forced to buy from Russia. And this is a Russia whom we have been threatening since the first faked reports of Russian attacks were released in 1948. Now, the next step will be to bully Canada to let us set up military bases on their northern borders with the Arctic for the purpose of threatening Russia. The Canadian government is cowed by America but their public is not pleased with either their government or the Americans and it is doubtful if the entrenchment of our troops in nice white snow suits will bespangle the American media.