Voice of the White House

September 24, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
Why is the United States involved in the Syrian civil war? Assad is a dictator but is far less obnoxious and vicious than many dictators that the US has supported in the past. It is because Assad is too closely connected with Russia for American comfort. And Assad has allowed Russia to trans-ship thousands of surface-to-surface missiles (and other weaponry) to Hezbolla in southern Lebanon. Israel hates Hezbollah who wreaked havoc on IDF forces in their last incursion into Lebanon and Israel, aware that Hezbollah has the ability to deliver terrible missile attacks on them, demanded, not requested, that the US carpet bomb all of southern Lebanon to destroy caches of missles. The US refused so the second alternative was to remove Assad and replace him with a leader chosen by the CIA to be more receptive to Israel's needs. Also, Assad has leased a naval facility on the Mediterranean to the Russians and America found this unacceptable. These are the real reasons for the fictional 'US led coalition' and the Russian military support of Assad. That all of this had impacted the civilian population of Syria means nothing to the 'US led coalition' and the wanton destruction of property and the high death tolls also mean nothing. Hence we see hospitals being deliberately attacked, aid missions bombed, and civilians slaughtered in increasing numbers. The US tries to blame Russia for all of this butchery but if they wish to genuinely identify the guilty, they need only to look in a mirror...